5 Things To Consider When You Are Out And About On The Holidays

The fall and winter holiday season is a great time for families. But even as we have fun at all the festivities, it is absolutely important that drivers remain vigilant. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 919 fatal car crashes happened on Texas roads between October through December of last year.

The Brownsville lawyers here at the Law Office of Ignacio G. Martinez want you and your children to be safe during your travels this holidays. Lessen the risk of an accident during this time of celebration with these 5 tips to consider when you are out and about during the holidays.

1. During Halloween, Always Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Trick-or-treating around Brownsville generally starts at about 4:30 p.m. and can last until as late as 10 p.m. in many areas. Remember to remain sharp and aware during these peak hours.

Keep an eye out when you enter or exit driveways, parking lots, and alleyways. Eager children can run into the street, popping out from between cars or buildings without hesitation or awareness of their actions.

The same goes for parents walking with their children through the streets. Never leave your child unattended and do not allow them to run as they may accidentally run into the path of an oncoming car.

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2. Reduce Distractions

Turn off that phone, turn down the volume on the radio, and avoid eating or searching for an item while driving. Distracted driving is something to remain vigilant against in terms of safety.

Our Brownsville car accident lawyers have seen plenty of individuals get into accidents and suffer severe injuries – or worse – because of distracted driving. From taking a selfie to texting and driving, it’s never a good time to drive while distracted.

This is especially true during the holiday season when more people are on the road. Drive safely for yourself and others.

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3. Ensure Your Children Are Properly Seated And Strapped In

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that at any given time, more than 70 percent of young automobile passengers are exposed to potentially fatal consequences because they are not properly seated.

Buying the wrong car seat or improper installation are easy fixes that can be corrected to ensure your children are safe from harm should you be involved in an accident. When it comes to car seats always follow these tips:

  • Make sure that the car seat is secure and doesn’t move.
  • Ensure that the tether straps align with the anchors on the car.
  • Don’t forget to adjust the car-seat harness when your child is wearing heavier clothing. Do not loosen the straps thinking that your child will be more comfortable, but at the same time, make sure that they aren’t too tight. Snug is the key.
  • Remember to change the harness settings when you flip the car seat from the backward position to the facing forward position. When infants are facing backward, the harness straps should rest at or below their shoulders. When facing forward, the straps should be at or above shoulder level.
  • Don’t turn the car seat forward too soon. A child should be at least one year old and weigh over 20 pounds.
  • Use booster seats for older children!
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4. Get Plenty Of Rest The Night Before A Long Trip

For many families, the holiday season means traveling and long road trips. An AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study on acute sleep deprivation and crash risks found that the estimated rate of crashes associated with driving after only 4 to 5 hours of sleep compared with 7 or more is similar to the U.S. government’s estimates of the risk associated with driving drunk.

But even if you do get enough sleep the night before, don’t forget to take a rest when driving for long periods of time. Pull over and stretch your legs out. Get a breath of fresh air. Not only will this renew your vigor a little bit but it can also mitigate the risk of deep vein thrombosis.

5. Think Before You Drink

In 2015, 10,265 people died in drunk driving crashes. That’s one person killed every 51 minutes.

Also, take into consideration that DUI arrests are at their highest between Thanksgiving and the end of the New Year.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all times during the year when adults are likely to enjoy celebrations with friends and family. If you are going to a party where adult beverages are going to be served, be sure that you either:

  • Commit to not drinking
  • Get a trusted designated driver
  • Call a cab
  • Stay at the site of the party if it is a home of a friend or family member