Canada Goose Coats On Sale Was asked if he was Trudeau new best friend.wouldn say that because, as you know, I am more a defender of provincial autonomy, he said.But Legault rolled with the punches, showing empathy, too particularly for Alberta Premier Rachel Notley reality of having energy resources to sell, but no way to get more of it to market because of the stall on the Trans Mountain pipeline.That situation has plunged the oilpatch into a crisis and Notley wants help from Ottawa.Quebec faces a similar energy predicament with its hydroelectric surpluses, which Legault is trying to peddle east, west and south. Hydro Qu problem is getting new power lines approved in the United States.He says he wants to make Ontario an offer it can’t refuse: cheap clean power as an alternative to spending $20 billion re tooling aging nuclear generating plants.big advantage we have is that our energy costs less and is clean, Legault told reporters.On the other hand, he made no apologies for saying no to New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs, who asked Legault to re consider his refusal to consider a new pipeline across Quebec. On Thursday, Legault said pipelines are no longer socially acceptable in not at all embarrassed to refuse dirty energy when we offer clean energy at a competitive price, Legault said.understand the sensitivity of the issue in Quebec, Higgs responded.At her own news conference, Notley reminded the other provinces, including Quebec which receive equalization payments that much of that wealth comes from Alberta oil, so her problems are also theirs.In fact, on the same day as the conference, Alberta purchased ads in Quebec media including the Montreal Gazette, saying delays in the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion are costing Canadians $80 million a day.Legault said he gets the message. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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