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canada goose coats on sale What’s OnWhile a few old favourites ground to a halt, such as Manchester House and The Blue Pig (though the former has bounced back as Restaurant MCR with Aiden Byrne back in control), the doors of dozens of others were thrown open for the first time.Many massive names made the move northwards, including The Ivy, but when it came to choosing where our favourites were the list canada goose black friday sale was almost entirely small and local.This list is heavily dominated by Ancoats restaurants, which was not intentional, but there’s no denying that the canada goose uk kensington parka city’s local talent have congregated there this year (including Hip Hop Chip Shop, which opened quietly just before the year was out).And after this review, it’s safe to say The Ivy didn’t make the cut.10) CantoThe humble sandwich is taken up a gear at Canto, the Portuguese restaurant from the team behind El Gato Negro. The prego is Portugal’s famous steak sandwich, and here it’s slathered in garlic, piled with dressed watercress and jammy onions and stuffed inside toasted caco bread. It is divine.The space is a joy to spend an evening in, all blue and white azulego tiles and distressed paintwork, mismatched wooden and white furniture, with floor to ceiling windows wrapping around the sides.As well as championing the best, most authentic ingredients from across Portugal, Canto’s supporting the neighbours too, serving up Pollen Bakery bread and Runaway Brewery and First Chop beers.Don’t let Jay Rayner’s less than canada goose factory outlet glowing review in The Guardian deter you it’s got some creases to iron out but Canto’s already got bags of charm.Read our review of Canto here9) Mana(Image: Manchester Evening News)A fine dining restaurant in Ancoats if you’d uttered canada goose outlet seattle that sentence five years ago, people would have choked on their glass of perfectly paired wine and turned you straight around in the direction of Spinningfields.But fine dining has come to the suburb, and in a canada goose outlets uk big way, thanks to Simon Martin, a renowned chef who earned his place on the global restaurant scene while working at Michelin starred Noma in Cophenhagen.With Anthony Barnes (formerly of Squid Ink) by his side, he’s crafting a menu of lesser known, foraged ingredients that’s canada goose bird uk knocking the socks off diners.It’s not just about the restaurant itself it’s what it represents canada goose coats on sale.