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Out here in Michigan people seem to think 4WD makes them immune to bad weather. We had freezing rain in my area about a week or so ago that canada goose black friday 2019 uk resulted in nearly an inch thick sheet of ice on certain roads by the time I left work at 6 in the morning. Had some guy in a truck tailgating me on my ride home as I sliding down a single lane road in my tiny Focus flashing his brights in my mirror every couple seconds until a second lane opened up.

Just because one says no it doesn’t, doesn’t make it so. I think that people that look at this weird or gay it is canada goose outlet toronto because they don’t want men to enjoy what they do. And for men that think the same, go ahead and keep yourself to the small world you live in “boring”, but leave me alone to enjoy the rest of the world, and things to do.

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That culminated a four game sweep for the Mavs. The result did nothing to help cement Kobe’s place in the NBA’s pantheon of greats like Bird, Magic, Jordan, Jabbar and Russell. Just raise your hand if you can remember any of those players losing canada goose outlet uk review a playoff series in the manner in which Kobe and the Lakers were eliminated Sunday.