best hermes replica handbags NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Transport Minister Andrew Constance were giving a press conference in Newcastle before the completion of the city new tram line late last week.But Michael Parris, a reporter from the Newcastle Herald, called them out on the $368 million project, asking how the light rail would impact trade in the area.committed four years ago to release a business case for the extension we still have not seen it, Parris said.Mr Constance replied: well, sorry which media outlet are you from? Parris said he was from the Herald, Ms Berejiklian said: that normal for them, yep. Herald reporter took another stab: talk about a positive outcome, but as we rode the tram today, the streets were virtually empty and you keep talking about revitalisation and that not the message we are getting from business people in the town. You spoken to the Hunter Business Chamber? she asked.Parris said that, not only had he spoken to the Chamber, but also to business owners along the light rail route.Ms Berejiklian then went silent and stared at the ground, with Mr Constance jumping in to fill the space.just let me say this to you, since we taken the heavy rail up there been $3 billion of private sector investment in this city everyone across this state even in Bega is talking about what happening in a city to be proud of, and, you know what, I think there an obligation on the part of the Herald to be very positive about this town, because it is a wonderful, wonderful place. best hermes replica handbags

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